School Tennis League (STL): Get ready for the next generation of tennis stars as we launch our newest league, exclusively for schools!

School Tennis League aka STL is an initiative of the Neelachal Sports Foundation (NSF) in association with PTL Sports Group. STL is a new opportunity to introduce and promote a league format at the grass-root levels for the sport of tennis. STL will help promote the importance of tennis and sports in general for the physical development of children and a team-bonding environment at the grass root level. The debut season of the league is to take place in the month of May in Delhi this year.

The league will be played with points in a simpler format with standard duration and tighter competition for the player to attract all the top schools in India.

A standard school team must consist of four types of players: Boys and Girls in the Under 12 and Under 16 categories. There will be a total of six matches in each tie the school plays - four Singles and two Doubles.

Mr. Dharmendra Pradhan, Hon. Minister of Education, Government of India announced and unveiled the logo of the STL on 14 February 2023 at his residence office. “I am sure the league will help promote sporting culture at the grassroots and encourage many of India’s future tennis champs,” said the Hon. Minister while exhibiting his support to the STL.