Pro Tennis League (PTL): Watch India's top tennis professionals battle it out for glory in our flagship tournament.

Pro Tennis League aka PTL is a professional tennis league based in India that provides a platform for the country's best tennis players to showcase their skills and compete against one another in a team format. Established in 2018, the league has quickly become one of the most popular sporting events in India, attracting both local and international talent, as well as a growing fanbase.

The league is played in a team format, with eight franchises representing different regions of the country: Bangalore Challengers, DMG Delhi Crusaders, ProVeri Supersmashers (Champions Season 2), Lucknow Aviators, Gurgaon Sapphires (Champions Season 4), Meerut Stag Babolat Yoddhas (Champions Season 1), Jodhpur Sankara and Paramount Proec Tigers.

One of the key objectives of PTL is to provide a platform for young Indian players to develop their skills and compete at a higher level. By bringing together the best Indian players, the league offers a unique opportunity for players to learn from one another and gain exposure to international players and coaches.

The league has also been successful in attracting many of the top international players, including 2022 Wimbledon Doubles Champion Matthew Ebden and Tunisian star Malek Jaziri among others. The presence of these international players has not only added to the overall competitiveness of the league but also helped to raise its profile on the global stage.

In addition to showcasing the talents of individual players, the league has also been successful in creating a strong team culture. Franchises are owned by prominent businessmen and celebrities. The owners are actively involved in the running of their teams and work closely with mentors and players to ensure the success of their franchises.

The league has also been successful in creating a vibrant and engaging fan experience. The league has also partnered with several sponsors to provide a range of activities for fans.

While the league is still in its early stages, it has already had a significant impact on the Indian tennis scene.

Looking to the future, the league has ambitious plans to expand and to further establish itself as a leading tennis league on the global stage. With the continued support of fans, players, coaches, and sponsors, the PTL is poised to become one of the most exciting and dynamic sporting events in India and beyond.